Music Ministry

Passionate and Soulful Contemporary Christian Artist

Teresha Lee sings heartfelt songs of worship with lyrics that reach out and grab your heart, allowing you to think more about your personal relationship with God. Each song shares a deeper experience of her heart with emotion and clarity with a message of God’s great love and hope for his children. When combined with her stories, and teachings from God’s word, they bring a powerful and moving presentation to help others in their walk with God.

The Lord has given Teresha a strong desire to help others grow closer in their personal relationship and walk with the Lord and this has led to her music/singing ministry. Teresha loves to sing for her own church as well as a visiting singer at other churches.  She sings and speaks at women’s teas and luncheons, at Corporate Events, at Women’s Retreats , Celebrate Recovery in churches, Retirement Homes to inspire the elderly, and weddings and funerals.  Much of the time, Teresha donates her services as part of her giving back to thank the Lord and to give him praise and glory for all he has done in her life.  You can contact Teresha at for more information and to book her.

More than 10 years ago Teresha began focusing more on Christian Music to share her passion and gratitude for her Lord and Savior, Jesus, to pursue a ministry to help share HOPE and LOVE through her songs about how becoming a devout disciple of Jesus has shaped and changed her life.  “I had spent the first part of my life trying to live life by my own power, and I wasn’t experiencing the results I wanted or feeling fulfilled in many ways.  But after I gave my heart completely to God and put my FAITH and SPIRITUAL GROWTH first, I began to experience dramatic changes in everything, especially my sense of purpose and feeling connected and whole.  This transformation has been so wonderful and impactful that I can’t imagine keeping it to myself.  I want to share my experience with others in the hope that they too will start to look to God for a deeper and more committed relationship.”

 Teresha’s love of music became her lifeline when she was young and she believes God gave her the gift of singing to help her heal from some painful experiences that were a part of her earlier years and even into her twenties. “Whenever I was sad or down, singing would always lift my spirits and make me feel closer to God and to his love for me.  It was also instrumental in shaping me into a more confident and joy filled person and in helping me heal many deep personal wounds. It was an amazing gift and I have always been grateful for it. That is why I decided to start singing Christian music. Because I wanted to thank God for the gift he gave me and also to share about his amazing love through the songs I write and the songs I sing. There is something special about the power of music to transform our hearts, especially worship music that speaks of God’s love and God’s power in our lives and I want to share that with as many people as I can, so they can also feel the healing power of worship music and the unconditional love that only Jesus can give.”

Latest Christian Music CD from Teresha Lee

Teresha is excited to be releasing her 3rd CD, Because He Loves Me” this month.  It’s very upbeat and exciting worship music and she feels her audience will really like it.  She also released a Christmas CD last year, “The Blessings of Christmas”  to add to her CD debut “Because of Him”which was her first Christian music CD project. One only has to listen to the words of the songs to realize the message of how Jesus and salvation is the key to the only real riches that matter in this world. From the upbeat songs such as “Because of Him” and “God is For Me” to the more introspective ballads “Inside Your Victory” and “On My Knees” her songs are meant to teach and share how nothing can take the place of having a deep and committed relationship to God through his word and through prayer. “This is the only true way to becoming all that we can be in Christ; through our consistent faith in action. And this is the key to real joy and fulfillment in our lives and the only way to experience our true purpose”.

“God put it on my heart to start this ministry several years ago and it is the most exciting venture of my life, to follow his lead and to be obedient to his call, wherever it leads”. Teresha  completed her first step of faith with this new CD and the Lord has opened many doors since.

 Female Vocalist Available for Singing Engagements

Teresha is available to sing for churches, women’s groups and conferences, charitable organizations that would benefit from uplifting music and other outreach events.