Upcoming Events

Oct.5th, 2014-Church of Christ, Kenosha , Wisconsin Singing and speaking

Oct. 24th & 25, 2014-Women’s Ministry Event , Holiday Inn, El Dorado Hills singing and speaking

Nov. 8th, 2014-Private Wedding

Nov. 12th, 2014-Christian Women’s Group luncheon, Folsom

Dec. 17th, 2014-Christian Women’s Christmas Luncheon, Cupertino

In stepping out of my comfort zone to leave my traditional job and pursue my singing career , I have come against many blocks that I’m working hard to overcome.  I’m reading lots about the “Power of Intention and the Power of Faith and the Power of Prayer”  and it’s really helping me realize that I will probably always feel slightly uncomfortable, even as I stay the course and keep pressing on.  But God is faithful to help us when we ask.  Lately I have had some answered prayers with people just showing up that have been able to help me and it’s been really awesome.  So, friends, keep the faith if you’re trying new ventures and don’t get down if you sometimes get “stuck”.  It’s all part of the process, so just take a deep breath, and say a short prayer for God’s help and he’ll give you just what you need for that day!!!  Make it a great one! And check out the new jazz songs on my site, too!!! Thanks so much!


Teresha Lee was blessed with the gift of singing since she was only five years old, performing with her mother, who played ukulele and sang with her on stage. Growing up in Northern California, Teresha has sung in many different settings from Broadway Musicals in High School and College, to singing Jazz with large orchestra’s and touring Europe at the Monteux Jazz Festival, singing on Cruise Ships in variety shows and singing at her church as a ministry team member and soloist. Teresha’s love of music has always been one of the greatest joys in her life and she has dedicated much of her time in study and practice to learn and perfect her talent. She has studied voice from some renowned vocal teachers such as Seth Riggs in Los Angeles and Judy Davis in Berkeley, and continues to take her craft very seriously.


The Lord has given Teresha a strong desire to help others grow closer in their personal relationship and walk with the Lord and this has led to her music/singing ministry. Teresha loves to sing for her own church as well as a visiting singer at other churches.  She sings and speaks at women’s teas and luncheons, at Corporate Events, at Women’s Retreats , Celebrate Recovery in churches, Retirement Homes to inspire the elderly, and weddings and funerals.  Much of the time, Teresha donates her services as part of her giving back to thank the Lord and to give him praise and glory for all he has done in her life.  You can contact Teresha at teresha.lee@gmail.com for more information and to book her.